Explore the Père Lachaise cemetery

Woman kissing the grave of Oscar Wilde Père Lachaise cemetery.
 Woman kissing the grave of Oscar Wilde at Père Lachaise. Photograph: Peter Horree/Alamy

Behind a looming stone entrance in the 20th arrondissement lies Paris’s largest cemetery, with over 100 acres of graves, tombs and memorials and 69,000 ornate (and often over-the-top) tombs of curious. It is the most visited cemetery in the world, thanks to its impressive roll call of those laid to rest here, including Georges Rodenbach, whose tomb features a bronze figure breaking out of the grave, and Oscar Wilde’s, which used to be kissed by visitors with red lipstick. Jim Morrison of The Doors is also buried there; his grave is a humble stone marker that draws thousands of fans each year.

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